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BIG 85th Anniversary Coin

BIG 85th Anniversary Coin


Big 85th Anniversary Challenge Coin

Such a handsome coin filled with symbolism! This gold-colored coins measures about 2 3/4 inches wide and 2 7/8 inches tall, and weighs just over 3 ounces. 

   Side A depicts the DPS 85th Anniversary Logo in the center, encircled with blue cloisonné type ribbon with State of Georgia, Department of Public Safety, 1937-2022.  This is then encircled by white letters stating the motto of the Department:  Fortitude, Compassion, Professionalism, and Trust.  The outer edge of this side names the three divisions of the department, GSP, MCCD, and CPD, plus the number 27, all on sections of the State of Georgia outline.  More about the number 27 follows.

   Side B has a copper background with 27 stars on it.  The center shows the State of Georgia seal in cloisonné-like colors of orange, white, and black, encircled by the words, State of Georgia, Department of Public Safety.  The number 85 denotes the number of years of the existence of DPS.  On the outside of this circle sits the patches of each of the divisions of DPS, Georgia State Patrol, Capitol Police, and Motor Carrier Compliance Division, as well as a replica of the Georgia State Flag.

What is the import of the numeral 27 and 27 stars?    Twenty-seven line of duty deaths have occurred in the Department since its inception in 1937.  These symbols give pause of remembrance of the sacrifice these heroes made, as well as the danger every past member has faced and what every current ambassador encounters every day.

   This is a MUST HAVE!  Coin comes in a plastic holder.  Price is $15 (includes shipping).  Photos show one coin, both sides!

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